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      旦爾特 Ⅳ

      Dante Ⅳ Finished double-sided glass partition, with thicknes...

      Dante Ⅳ Finished double-sided glass partition, with thickness of 82mm, made from 6mm toughened glass, having high structural stability.

      Finished double-sided glass partition has a structure of “steel inside aluminum outside”.

      Perpendicular and vertical structure skeleton adopts steel plates more than 1.8mm in thickness; After the process of double-sided hot-dip galvanization, the molding plates’ size deviates + / - 0.4 mm, which belongs to national patent products.

      To meet the interior design, lower margin of the finished partition is 80mm in appearance height, and top margin is 30mm.

      Double sided partition wall panel used air sound-proof parameter GB/T50121-2005 as reference, air sound-proof volume 42dB, impact strength 400Nm-500Nm(ISO7892).

      ?It is non bearing wall panel and requires top and bottom orbit to be steel structure. ? ?